Stop Drooping That Sippy Cup

Stop Drooping That Sippy Cup

It’s no secret that I myself am a mom who got inspired to create products that work for everyday parents.  One of the most annoying but arguably cutest things are babies and toddlers do is throw their cups out of the stroller, drop them from the highchair or loose one of their stuffies. Being out at the park on nearly a daily basis I used to see this all to often, someones parent losing a cup or toy.  I swear almost everyday I would have to stop and pick up someones things and let them know their son or daughter had dropped it.

Sippy cup straps

Seeing this led me to create the sippy strap. A fully versatile tool that can be used to hold a variety of things from your sippy cups, bab

In addition we made the straps with a very unique material that is water resistant so it remains clean and is easy to wipe away.  We also added an internal grip made from rubber so that the bottle or cup is held securely and not getting damaged. y bottles, rattles, teethers, toys and stuffies.  We created this to as child proof as possible so we also had a push button release that is easy enough for any parent to loosen and tighten while at the same time making it just hard enough so that your baby and toddler wont loosen it. 

These sippy straps are so unique in the market due to their incredible style and function.  We made these straps as stylish as possible for today’s modern baby.  Its no secret our sippy straps have become a a must have product for any new parent and also quickly become our best seller and loved by thousands of our customers.

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