Picking The Right Pacifier

Picking The Right Pacifier

Pacifiers are the one universal thing almost all babies use. Being a first time parent there are so many soothers on the market now today and so many of them are different.  Picking the right one depends on a number of different things that suits your baby.  The quick list of what to look for is as below.

  1. Selecting the right size. It may sound strange to look at the size, but binky’s come in a few different sizes so its very important to ensure that the size of paci fits your babies age
  2.  Shape is also something to look at. People whos babies have used them will tell you that certain shapes don’t fit certain babies especially newborns who tend to spit them out if they dont like them. So might be worth cycling through a few different shapes
  3. This one of things that maybe a Pinterest DIY is not the best solution. The pacifiers are made with specific antibacterial and mostly tear proof materials so when your baby is teething no parts suddenly rip off. Soothers also are shaped in a certain way so they dont affect an infants teeth growing in.  This is important not to stunt or move their incoming teeth
  4. All Dodi Should Be BPA-Free. This is a very big one, I cant imagine any of them on the market today are not BPA-Free but this is just something to look out for before purchasing, check the labels and make sure there is nothing harmful in the paci before you purchase it.

Speaking from experience a good pacifier can make all the difference in calming you baby down when they just cannot be soothed or even helping them get to sleep before removing the pacifier. Their are some incredibly well known brands that we would support 100% as we have been through the trial and error process with these. 

Our first pick is the soothie pacifier from Philips Avent. This is the only one that worked for both our baby girl and baby boy. For whatever reason, they just did not take to the other shapes and I can speak for a number of other parents we have spoken echo our sentiments that this soother just seemed to work.

Our second choice is the Nuk newborn paci.  This is a smaller pacifier with the plastic holder at the end.  This binky is also very popular with parents, especially those of newborn babies due to the extra small size of it. It seems to work well with a number of infants and its got a nice holder that the end that your little one can hold onto.

The third pick is Dr Browns HappyPaci silicone pacifier which is a good pick as the shape of it is the same as the nipple bottles by Dr Brown, so the extension is a very good choice if you are using both products.

Whichever choice works with your baby will be the best choice possible for you.  Soothing a fussy infant can be one of the hardest things a parent can go through, but a good soother can provide much needed relief for you and your baby

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