Our Pick For Top Baby Carrier

Our Picks For Top Baby Carriers

Baby wearing is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend among new parent. In fact the popularity of baby carriers over the last 2 years has made our baby carrier covers one of our hottest selling products.  We know how important choosing the right baby carrier is to make your not only your baby is comfortable but so are you.  You also want to make sure you pick a baby carrier that’s from a well known brand name to ensure its secure as possible.

In the world of baby wearing, new parents have a few different options when it comes to carrying your baby.  I myself chose the standard structured baby carrier for example the Ergo 360 just for its simplicity and ease of use.  So lets dive into a few of the other options available.

Wraps: These are simply very long and stretchy peices of very soft and cozy fabric that you wrap around your midsection and over your shoulder.  They are probably the most simplistic type of carrier, but they get the job done and we’ve seen some very happy babies in them.  

Slings: The sling is very similar to the wrap but with an extra tie.  You wrap the fabric around the sling and it becomes a baby carrier

Standard Baby Carrier: We already touched on these above a little but these are the carriers that offer the most support in our opinion and also allow you to carry your baby into becoming a toddler as they carry heavier weights.  The other reason we tend to like these is that they take the guess work out of wrapping the carrier, you dont have to worry about making a mistake tying the wrap or the sling

 Ok now that we have gone over the different types of carriers available, lets get into what our favorite ones are and what we recommend to people.

So our favorite Baby Carrier and Earning the #1 Spot is of Course – ErgoBaby Omni 360 Carrier

This is easily the most versatile baby carrier and is a standard carrier.  This carrier works in four carrying positions and can be worn from infant to toddlers.  This is one of the main reasons we love this carrier. The ErgoBaby will be able to carry your little one up to 25 pounds.  Whats great about it is the support that many parents say it offers both them and their baby.

#2 Favorite Baby Carrier – Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

This is a great carrier and is one of the wrap carriers we mentioned above. One of the significant benefits of the wrap carriers vs the standard ones is the price point.  The Boba wrap retails for just under $40 while the ergobaby retails for roughly $150. If your looking for a pretty comfortable nice looking carrier that will keep your baby nice and happy, the Boba checks all the boxes

 #3 Favorite Baby Carrier – Infantino 4-1 Baby Cover

This third choice is our ultimate value choice, because we know that baby carriers can get pretty expensive.  This particular one is very well built and retails for around $30. The carrier has 4 position carry positions and is still very comfortable.  While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Ergobaby it gets the job done and it gets the job done well.

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